A New Way To Fight Cancer

Social media & cancer is a topic I have written on before. In one of my earlier posts: Social Media & Social Good I wrote about how social media played a vital role during my personal recovery. Blogging, Facebook and Twitter were all outlets I used to find other fighters, ask questions of survivors and express myself during a very scary and difficult time.

Just yesterday I received my spring issue of Cure Magazine and inside found the following article: Social Media & Cancer: Finding Friends & Support.  This article is fantastic and conveys the same message I have shared: social media provides a unique opportunity for those battling cancer.  Its not just about researching your disease. You can connect with friends and family to keep them updated, receive messages of love and support from people around the world, ask questions of those who have had similar experiences and find resources to help you through a variety of problems.

Social media isn't just about promoting your business, sharing photos and telling people what you are doing. Because of social media hundreds of thousands of people, strangers even, are able to help each other battle a scary and powerful disease. Its a way to create an army of knowledge, support and information.

If you know someone facing cancer who is not using social media as part of their "treatment" please share the article and let them know about this new, unique, tool for fighting cancer.


Andrea -- Just One More Book!! Podcast said...

I agree completely.

Our blog WeCanRebuildHer.com is priceless therapy for our family and our readers.

Wishing you happiness and healing,

Devin said...

I could not agree more with your post, Meaghan. Social Media is a vital tool in recovery. I wanted to share with you another online resource that provides both emotional and financial support for people with cancer called Human Tribe Project. HTP is a web site that allows you to share your story and daily progress with friends, family members and anyone dedicated to your cause (Tribe Members). Tribe Members can also purchase Tribe Tags-- steel necklaces personalized with the individual of the beneficiary-- for $20, $15 of which is given directly to the person you are supporting.

The site was developed last summer after the founder's longtime friend and college roommate died of cervical cancer. It's the only fundraiser that gives money directly to the person instead of another organization or nonprofit. It's free to start a Tribe Page, all you need is an email address.

Hope this helps!

shelley said...

i haven't stopped over in a bit to say "hi" so i'm popping ova now to see what's new in your part of blogashere... great post! social media is the future!
keep smiling! and holla back,
shelley :)