Happy To Be Alive

Recently I have been thinking a lot about my cancer survival. Its been a long, difficult two years full of treatments, surgeries, PET scans....well you know the story.  There were many days when I asked why did I survive while others dont. I even found myself wishing I could exchange my survival for those, children, parents and spouses who lost their battles.  However, recently I have been feeling so very grateful.

My amazing two year old niece has helped me through my cancer battle without even having knowledge of her aunties cancer diagnosis.  She makes me laugh, smile and remember my own childhood.  She loves me unconditionally and to her I am an invinsible super hero.  Every time she laughs, smiles, hugs me....I thank God that I beat that monster they call cancer.  Each moment I have with her in my life is a gift that I cherish.

I may not write every day about what happened to me but it is still such a large part of my life. Even being close to three years from diagnosis it feels just like yesterday when the doctors told me my chances of surviving were slim.  Often I wonder what my nieces life would be like without her auntie and thats when I know I was meant to live so that I could bring love and happiness into the lives of others.  So that I could be the best auntie, sister, girfriend, daughter and friend!