Sex After Cancer

Yes there is such a thing!  I've written about how life after cancer is difficult, how sometimes the post treatment issues are much more difficult and devastating than the actual treatments. But what specifically is so hard about living after cancer? The answer.....lots of things. One thing included- Sex After Cancer.

I know this is a very personal subject but that doesn't mean we shouldn't be talking about it. Its something that's an issue for most men and women who have been traumatized by their diagnosis and treatment. Some issues are physical and others are mental and of course many battle with both the physical and mental aspects of sex after cancer.

For me personally its both. Having had a gynecological cancer treatment, pain and fear all play a role in my sexuality post cancer. I received an enormous amount of both internal and external radiation. This resulted in scar tissue which can cause the vagina to literally close up, if not dealt with. Even when dealt with the scar tissue can make penetration extremely painful. The pain experienced during treatment can also cause high anxiety, flash backs and even physical pain.

Because I think this is such an important topic I decided to invite two experts in the field to be guests on my show tonight. Tonight, March 30,  LIVE 8-9 pm EST we will have two in studio guests talking about how to cope with sex after cancer. Dr. Rachel Needle and Life Coach Paual Holland De Long will be answering your questions, my questions and shedding light on ways to improve sex after cancer. to watch live and join the chatroom to ask questions during the show.  There will even be a few books given away.

Hope to see you all there!

Birthday #32

In about 30 minutes I will turn 32 years old! Some people would be thinking, "wow im getting old" or "how will I celebrate this year" but my thoughts are a bit different. I am thinking, "I made it!" I am looking back and reflecting on what has happened in my life these past few years, how much I have I survived!

While most people would want to celebrate their "birthday weekend" with friends, family and loved ones I found myself wanting to spend time with myself. You see no one but me was there, can understand or reflect on what this birthday really means to me. So this weekend I spent time making cards for the many cancer patients who are still at Dana Farber and other cancer centers around the world. I thought a lot about what they were going through, what fears and hopes were going through their minds and hearts. I spent much time being thankful and hoping that my cards would help the so many who are still in the midst of their cancer battle.

Here I am three years after my original diagnosis with end stage cervical cancer. I have a whole life ahead of me, a much different life than I had planned prior to my diagnosis. I can't help but wonder, who would I be and what would I be doing had cancer never found its way into my life. Such a dramatic and drastic curve ball thrown my way changed everything and will continue to change who I am for the rest of my life. But the point is... I have my life and I will celebrate that with utmost joy and respect. This gift I was given is one I hold close to my heart. I do my very best to make the best of each day, to help others, to love all those around me.

I welcome this 32nd birthday and look forward to an amazing year filled with helping the many who are still fighting cancer!

Meaghan On ABC World News With Diane Sawyer

Wow pretty cool you can see me about 10 minutes and 30 seconds into the clip. I cant get the code to work so here is the LINK

Appearing On Good Morning America For A Second Time

Wow im super excited and honored to be featured on Good Morning America for a second time. The topic, this new Health Care Bill. Several months ago I was featured on GMA talking about my battle with cancer, being dropped by health insurance and pre existing conditions. I thought it was a great piece and I was so honored to share my story.

With the new health care bill being voted on today GMA wanted to do another piece. They asked me how my life would change if pre existing conditions were done away with.  What would my life be like it if I could get prescriptions in Florida and go to the doctor when I get sick. How would my life be different if I didn't have to fly up to Boston for doctors visits every 3-6 months.

Catch the show today by checking your local listings. The show will also be up on Good Morning America's website later today if you missed it.

If you would like to see the first GMA clip I was featured in CLICK HERE.

Watch todays clip here:

Discounted Hotel Prices For Cancer Patients

Being diagnosed with cancer sucks! Treatments suck even more! Then in additional to all that many people have to find flights and stay in very expensive hotels during treatment and follow up PET Scans. Well, I actually have some good news!

Many hotels offer a medical discount if you are a patient going in for treatment or follow up exams. For most of my treatment I was either in the hospital or staying at my Grandmothers house in Boston. I was very fortunate to have a family member who lived near my cancer center. However, Grandma got sick this year and had to move out of the city and now lives with my fabulous aunt in Texas. This means I have no place to stay when I have early morning exams at Dana Farber.

I fly from Florida up to Boston whenever I need to see my doctors. My parents live in Massachusetts but about 2 1/2 hours away from Dana Farber. This time around I have a PET scan at 8 am and that means I would have to leave my parents home at 5 the latest and then complete a long day of exams then drive 2 1/2 hours back to Western Mass.....not something I think my body can handle. So for the first time I need to stay at a hotel.

Hotels in Boston are extremely expensive, not to mention there is a huge event in the city that week. I'm not in town to "party" or site see I'm there to do something I don't enjoy at all. The last thing I want to do is pay several hundred dollars to stay at a hotel so I can go to doctors appointments all day. So I started calling around and asked if people had any special rates for patients of Dana Farber.....Can you believe it they all said YES!

The Double Tree in Boston is normally $190 but with the discount is $159
The Best Western in Boston is normally $214 but with the discount is $159
The Ramada in Boston is normally $84 but with the discount is $79

The discounts aren't HUGE and honestly I think they could do a little better for those who are undergoing treatment BUT it is something. So if you are traveling to receive treatments at a hospital or cancer center and need to stay in a hotel be sure to ask if they have a medical rate.

Cards 4 Cancer Day Video

I made this video using pictures of cards made by people around the world. For those of you who don't know I am the founder of a nonprofit organization, Spirit Jump.  We are putting on a project called Cards 4 Cancer Day. On or around 4-10-10 people around the world will be delivering cards they have made & collected to local cancer centers. We are looking for people around the world to help us with this project.

To get the word out Spirit Jump is throwing a contest to encourage people to blog and make videos about Cards 4 Cancer Day.  There are 5 $50.00 gift certificates up for grabs from One Hope Wine.  You can get amazing wine, gift baskets, wine openers and more. There will be 5 winners here is how you can get one of these $50.00 gift certificates:

1) The Cards For Cancer Day blog post that receives the most comments by noon (EST) 3/16/10- Contest has been extended to 3/22

2) The most creative blog post about Cards For Cancer Day by noon (EST) 3/16/10- 3/22

3) The two most creative & fun YouTube videos about Cards For Cancer Day by noon (EST) 3/16/10-3/22

4) The team to recruit the most team members from 3/9/10-3/16/10. For a team member to count they must sign up using a full name and email address.  The team member must also type in the name of the team they are joining.-Contest has been extended to 3/22

To be considered for this contest you must email the link to your blog post and/or YouTube video to  Submissions must be received by noon (EST) Tuesday March 16.  Winners will be announced live on the Spirit Jump Show 3/16/10 8-9pm EST.  Winners will also get an opportunity to be guests on our show that night!

You can read previous blog posts to help you write yours HERE

If you want to start a team you can do so by clicking HERE

So watch my video and let me know what you think