Sex After Cancer

Yes there is such a thing!  I've written about how life after cancer is difficult, how sometimes the post treatment issues are much more difficult and devastating than the actual treatments. But what specifically is so hard about living after cancer? The answer.....lots of things. One thing included- Sex After Cancer.

I know this is a very personal subject but that doesn't mean we shouldn't be talking about it. Its something that's an issue for most men and women who have been traumatized by their diagnosis and treatment. Some issues are physical and others are mental and of course many battle with both the physical and mental aspects of sex after cancer.

For me personally its both. Having had a gynecological cancer treatment, pain and fear all play a role in my sexuality post cancer. I received an enormous amount of both internal and external radiation. This resulted in scar tissue which can cause the vagina to literally close up, if not dealt with. Even when dealt with the scar tissue can make penetration extremely painful. The pain experienced during treatment can also cause high anxiety, flash backs and even physical pain.

Because I think this is such an important topic I decided to invite two experts in the field to be guests on my show tonight. Tonight, March 30,  LIVE 8-9 pm EST we will have two in studio guests talking about how to cope with sex after cancer. Dr. Rachel Needle and Life Coach Paual Holland De Long will be answering your questions, my questions and shedding light on ways to improve sex after cancer. to watch live and join the chatroom to ask questions during the show.  There will even be a few books given away.

Hope to see you all there!


InspiredDreamer said...

Wow, that's gotta be a hard thing to talk about, so what a great idea to talk about it! What a wonderful idea.

Have an Extraordinary Day!

Jenny said...

This seems to be the conversation that everyone wants to have wants to have, but no one wants to start. I am so glad you are willing to start it. I am so grateful for this blog and your frankness and for the show tonight.

ce_squared said...

Oh dear! I'm sorry I missed the show. This is certainly a touchy subject (pardon the pun). I know that I'm having difficulty with sex after having been treated for Ovarian Cancer. It's mostly about pain, like you mentioned. And well, it's something to contend with....