How To Use Social Media For Social Good

Social media for social good has been a pretty hot topic.  If you are on Twitter, Facebook or Blog you can't go one day without hearing something about online cause marketing. But what does all this mean and how do you use this new wave of marketing to help your favorite charity?

1- Twitter: Make sure you follow your charity on Twitter.  Many nonprofits will tweet out requests, updates and answer questions.  Twitter is a great platform for you to connect quickly and directly with the charity you have been supporting from afar. If your favorite charity isn't on Twitter contact them and suggest that they start using Twitter. Some awesome charities on Twitter right now that you can follow are:

2-Facebook: Many charities have Fanpages on Facebook where they post pictures, videos, questions, and requests.  You are able to respond directly to these posts and communicate with other supporters of the cause. Fanpages create a unique way to learn more about the cause you support, work together with fellow supporters and voice your support and concerns in a public forum. Check out these great Fanpages:

Facebook and Twitter are only two social media platforms where can find your favorite causes.  Most charities also have Blogs, Linkedin and websites.  Take advantage of these wonderful ways to communicate with your favorite causes.


Unknown said...

I think there are definite best practices when it comes to using facebook and twitter to help your favorite charity.

Making it personal makes the biggest about how you're volunteering with your favorite charity or share something you found inspirational from their latest tweet, facebook status, newsletter or event.

Using twitter and facebook in thoughtful ways that demonstrate *why* you're so invested in your charity of choice will be more beneficial to the causes you care about than simply re-tweeting them verbatim.

Much has been written recently about how non-profit's can use social media for social good - it's good to see something written on how donors can use it for social good!

Amy @ Original Coupon Coach said...

Great post! I never realized so many charities were using Facebook and Twitter to raise awareness!