Appearing On Good Morning America For A Second Time

Wow im super excited and honored to be featured on Good Morning America for a second time. The topic, this new Health Care Bill. Several months ago I was featured on GMA talking about my battle with cancer, being dropped by health insurance and pre existing conditions. I thought it was a great piece and I was so honored to share my story.

With the new health care bill being voted on today GMA wanted to do another piece. They asked me how my life would change if pre existing conditions were done away with.  What would my life be like it if I could get prescriptions in Florida and go to the doctor when I get sick. How would my life be different if I didn't have to fly up to Boston for doctors visits every 3-6 months.

Catch the show today by checking your local listings. The show will also be up on Good Morning America's website later today if you missed it.

If you would like to see the first GMA clip I was featured in CLICK HERE.

Watch todays clip here:


Miss. Ardeth Blood said...

That's cool that you are getting results in the U.S.

I just came from SITS to wish you a great day

Miss A said...

Being a Canadian, I think that this health care plan will work for a lot of people. Especially people such as yourself, like you said, with pre-existing conditions and having access to a doctor.

While we have some kinks here and sometimes it sucks, I am glad that I can go to my doctor when ever I want and that prescriptions prices are affordable.

Miss. Ardeth Blood said...

You took the words out of my mouth.
I was born with health issues, and living in Ontario has been good.
I always seem to end up shocked when an American tells me they can't even go to the doctor for a simple flu shot or get x-rays because they can't afford it.