What A Week

Happy Sunday everyone! Sorry I haven't been as on top of posting as usual. Its been a crazy week. I cannot believe I will be graduating from law school in a matter of 2 months. My week has been packed with law school work leaving barely an hour in the day to put up posts :(

I also did an interview this week with the Public Affairs Department at Nova Southeaster University. One of the Associate Directors came across my blog and ask if he could sit down with me to talk about my experience. Hopefully they decide to tell my story, it would be a great way to raise some awareness. Going back to law school after cancer treatments was a difficult journey to say the least. Never mind the emotional and physical struggles I had, financial was/is terrible difficult too. As some of you know my health insurance dropped me so I have unpaid medical bills hurting my credit. My family has been tapped out making sure I have/had all the prescriptions and care I needed to survive. And, cancer has left me unable to work while I try to recovery and finish school. This makes it extremely difficult to go to school. I know I'm not the only cancer survivor dealing with these difficulties. There are some scholarships out there but there needs to be more and they need to be easily accessible for us tired fighters who just don't have the energy left over to wrangle with lenders.

This week I also got my free magazine that I had signed up for a couple weeks ago. CURE is a magazine dedicated to Cancer Updates, Research and Education. This magazine is FREE to cancer patients, survivors and caregivers in the U.S. If you are none of those you can still get a subscription to this magazine for $20.00 annually. Its a wonderful resource. Don't worry if you don't get the magazine because I will be posting about the articles I think are most helpful.

Finally this week I have been spending what free time I have with my sister and niece. My baby niece is the joy of my life. Watching her smile, discover things, laugh, I just can't describe how happy she makes me. When I first found out my sister was pregnant over a year ago I was worried seeing her baby would make me sad. Sad because I can no longer have children after the cancer. However my baby niece Anika only makes me happy. She is such a joy and I am grateful everyday to have her in my life. My sister just started a blog so please stop by and check it out.

Well that was my week in a nut shell. I have to start doing some homework and will be at it all day. Next week I need to figure out my next surgery, PET and other fun medical stuff. Hope everyone is having a great week.



Ash said...

Awww Meaghan, she's absolutely beautiful. The best part about nieces (I've been blessed with two), you get to take them shopping and buy them stuff that will drive their parents nuts!! Great fun.


Susie said...

What a blessing it is that you visited my blog today. Your story is heart-wrenching, touching and real.

My mom is a breast cancer survivor (among other things) and I am her primary care giver. She spends HALF of her income on medication, just to survive! So, I know what a financial struggle it is.

I am in awe of you because you have not let cancer, money or anything else stop you. You get that degree and keep kicking cancer's ass!!!

Tara Bennett said...

Graduation is fast-approachiing! You are an inspiration to me for your strength through your hardships. You are amazing!

Thanks for stopping by my blog today.


Rae said...

Hey Meaghan! So nice to meet you!! Your life is inspiring and I can't wait to read more about ya! Fall is definitely the best season here in New England! I must say the foliage is breathtaking thanks to all the rain we received this year. I'll make sure to post some pics so you can get your leaf fix! :)

That Girl said...

You really are amazing. Law school and a cancer survivor, more than I could ever make it through.

Rene said...

She's adorable!! Good luck these last 2 months! What an accomplishment with all you've been through. I've been sharing your blog with my hubby and I think you're inspiring him too to keep fighting. He's had a bad few weeks and he has chemo tomorrow so he needs all the inspiration he can get.

Mistress Meeyee said...

I feel for you about not being able to have kids.I was lucky that my cancer was found so early.Hey,when you are a rich lawyer you will be able to adopt like all those rich hollywood types!!you are an inspiration and I look up to you for staying in school and keeping it together.You got my respect.

Pseudo said...

Your niece is beautiful. I'm so overwhelmed by your strength and spirit. Horrible story about your medical insurance.

Barbara DeBose said...

You are amazing! In the home stretch of law school - keep up the excellent work!!!

imbeingheldhostage said...

She's gorgeous. You have such an inspiring blog, I am so glad you found me so that I could find you. You have accomplished something amazing and Law School on top of everything. Wow. Like I said, inspiring!

Meridith said...

Your niece is beautiful!!!

And thank you for your comments on my blog... I look forward to reading more of yours.... :)

Screaming Meme said...

I love that you have connected so much with your niece...It takes a village to raise a child! She is blessed to have such a smart and beautiful person like you in her life! :) You can always adopt, if you feel you want to have a baby of your own...You have a lot of love to give! :)

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