Things Are Good

I'm so excited about my nonprofits newest program, Cards For Cancer Day For those of you who don't know we are reaching out to people all over the world asking them to help us make/buy, collect and deliver cards to local cancer institutes. People who know my personal story know the cards and gifts I received while in the hospital meant so much to me. I want others who are in hospitals right now to feel that same joy I did when someone sent me a card.

Spirit Jump has reached over 200 cancer fighters and we have over 1,000 members who send cards and gifts.  These are great numbers but I know there are so many more people who need their spirits lifted but just don't know about our services. That is why we created Cards For Cancer Day. On 4-10-10, or around that date, people will deliver cards to cancer centers in their hometown.  This project is open to anyone living in any state and country.  I hope that we can deliver at least 100,000 cards!

People have been signing up to help left and right. Right now we have teams in over 35 states and 5 countries.  Its very simple. If you can make or buy a card then you are a perfect Team Member and dont worry we will connect you with someone in your city who is a Team Leader. If you can make/buy, collect and deliver cards to a cancer center than you should be a Team Leader.  Its really very easy and you will be making a huge difference in someones life.

Here are some great pictures of people making cards for Cards For Cancer Day. If you want to get signed up click HERE  then you will get an email with all the details.  Hope you like the pictures:


TwoHeartsTogether said...

nice blog you have here of your journey through cancer! So glad you can share your memories with others and help their spirits!

Keep up the great posts and blessings!

Betty Manousos said...

Two Hearts has said what I wanted to say. I just loved this post!.
I loved those cards, too.
You are such a great person.
Thanks for visiting me .I'm glad I 've "met" you!
Betty xx

Sarah Larsen said...

Thanks for stopping by! Your blogs are amazing! I'll have to check back!

Natalie | Make Today Great said...

Your blog is totally inspiring. Love it... happy things are amazing!

strokeofliving said...

Megan you never stop inspiring me with your tenacity and spirit. This new card program is wonderful!

Unknown said...

This is brilliant. We really need to help those people who have cancer. Lets all fight against this deadly disease.

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InspiredDreamer said...

Hey there, congrats on kicking cancer's ass!!! And I am so impressed in how you started up Spirit Jump and then the Cards4Cancer day. You are an inspiration. Thanks for stopping by my guest post today and I hope to keep in touch!

Susan said...

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Barbara Lee said...

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