Survivor & Author Kairol Rosenthal & her book Everything Changes

Last year Kairol Rosenthal was featured on my blog as a Fellow Fighter. She shared her amazing story and wrote a little about her book: Everything Changes The Insider's Guide To Cancer In Your 20s and 30s.

Im excited to announce that Kairol will be a guest on the Spirit Jump show tonight 8-9 pm EST.  Her book is fantastic and I can't wait to talk to her about it!  Kairol was diagnosed, at 27, with stage II thyroid cancer that had metastasized to nineteen lymph nodes.  Her personal journal is amazing but her book is about much more than that. 25 cancer fighters share their journeys with Kairol as she travels around the country.  Everything Changes is a book about what its really like to be diagnosed, battle and live with cancer. Along with each story there are useful tips and resources for the reader, something I think many books lack.

I hope people stop by the show tonight because its going to be GREAT. After watching us talk about some of my favorite portions of the book I know you will want to rush out and get a copy for yourself!

Check out the show on 8-9pm EST

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