Lets Talk Cervical Cancer

As many of you know I haven't been posting frequently but that is changing. I've been very busy building up my nonprofit organization, Spirit Jump.   After a lot of work and tons of help Spirit Jump is growing and doing well. This means I can start giving my blog some love!

This is a very important month, Cervical Cancer Awareness Month!  The reason I started my blog was to create a place where other cervical cancer fighters could find information, connect with another fighter and share their stories.  I've been doing a lot of research and reaching out to the cervical cancer community.  I have always known they were there but must admit I was a bit scared to actually reach out.  Helping others with their battle is one thing but facing my own is much more difficult than I ever expected. But now I am ready to do more than just blog about my experience! I'm ready to speak out, to connect with others like me and to start working harder on raising cervical cancer awareness....what a perfect month to come to this realization.

I could share a lot of information with you, tons of stories, pictures and statistics. But, I think the best way to share information about cervical cancer and those who it has touched is to share some amazing websites and articles. Some of the sites and articles im about to share with you helped me through my own battle. They are brave, heroic, touching and tragic all at the same time. Please take a moment to visit each link and share with anyone who will listen:

  1. I Hate Tumors
  2. Kristen Forbes EVE Foundation 
  3. Tamika and Friends 
  4. SAS Cervical Cancer Foundation 
  5. Tia's Way 
  6. Brandie Rose Foundation
  7. National Cervical Cancer Coalition


o2bhiking said...

This is a great thing you are doing Meaghan, to promote awareness of this devastating disease. Well done! Art

Sandra said...

Great job Meaghan! Glad you will be back in the Blog world more, too!! xoxo

Cervical cancer said...

Cervical cancer is a non-malignant irregularity of cells on the surface of the cervix. Normally, symptoms are seen only after the irregular cervical cells turn malignant and attack tissues in its close proximity. Sex in teenage is also the link found for cervical cancer. Also smoking, number of sexual partners and the age of woman giving birth for first time has effect on cervical cancer.