I have a Podcast Show

I have some fun and exciting news, I have my very own podcast show! You can see me, chat in the chat room and call in every Tuesday 7-9 EST. I am also looking for guests to interview on the show. So bookmark the site www.wafs.tv and tune in. The call in number is 561-228-4020

We talk about all sorts of things from what its like to be a person battling cancer, how you can help others battling cancer, interviewing authors, other non profits and all sorts of fun stuff. Just like my charity Spirit Jump there are no boundaries!

This week I have two guests:

Cindy Papale

Cindy is the
author of The Empty Cup Runneth Over. She is also a breast cancer survivor and associate producer - Board member to The Kristy Lasch Miracle Foundation -www.kristylasch.org
You can visit her website to see all the amazing things Cindy has going on:


AND....on the show Cindy will be giving away one of her autographed books to a lucky caller

My Second Guest Is~

Paula Holland De Long:

Cancer survivor, life coach, speaker, and founder of What’s Next For My Life, Inc., Paula Holland De Long is an authority on how the lessons of survivorship can bring joy, passion and purpose to anyone's life. Her workshops for survivors are offered at cancer treatment centers and support organizations. Her women's teleconference action groups attract participants from around the country. What’s Next For My Life?™, is launching two new products in October, 2009. The “What’s Next For My Life? Survivor Companion Journal and DVD. To learn email paula@WhatsNextForMyLife.com or visit


Kelley with Amy's Angels said...

I will try to check out the show! The 3-day is this weekend and right now we're in "last minute frantic prep mode."

I'm happy to sit on someone who is being a jerkface. Just tell me where and when.: )

Under this Umbrella said...

YAY Meagan! Congratulations! That is so fantastic...you rock! Can't wait to tune it!

Jennifer said...

Congratulations! I'm so happy for you - it's great to see how far you've come since I first started reading your blog a year ago!

ShadeTree Yoga & Wellness said...

Hi there,
Congratulations on your podcast show! I have connected with you a few months ago. I work with cancer patients and survivors at an integrative healing center in Florida. www.saricenter.org I provide CranioSacral Therapy and teach a guided meditation classes. It is an extremely rewarding experience with so many healing stories. I would love to support you show and be a guest speaker if you like. I wish I was a better writer. (You have invited me to be a guest blogger, yet, I am a shy writer. Speaking is much easier for me. Please let me know if I can help educate your peeps about healing and well being and how well that works at kicking cancers's ass. May all beings be happy and free. www.shadetreeyoga.com

o2bhiking said...

That is so cool, Meaghan! Congratulations. I love that - "My empty cup runneth over!" So clever, and so positive. Love positive!!! Art

Lamonica said...

Congratulations on your podcast show.

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