Have you met my Non-Profit Spirit Jump

Spirit Jump

Im sorry I haven't written for a while but I have been so busy and life has been great lately! As many of you know I started a non-profit organization with my good friend Stacy. Spirit Jump has been such a positive part of my life and I want to share it with you.

I started Spirit Jump in November 2008 when I was trying to think of ways to help others who are battling cancer. Donating money was not an option for me but I could connect people who want to give with those who are in need of support. This is how Spirit Jump was born!

Spirit Jump connects the gift giver with men, women and children who are facing cancer and other debilitating diseases. When you join Spirit Jump all you're asked to do is send a card or small gift when and if you can. Its that simple. With a tight economy many people are not able to give as much to charity as they use to but when you are part of Spirit Jump you don't need to send money to help. In fact a simple home made card is priceless when received by a person who is battling such a dreadful disease.

For those of you who have kids Spirit Jump is a great way to involve them in charity. When children who are facing cancer receive a card from another child that can make their day and lift their spirits.

If you are not a jumper and would like to join or learn more please email me at spiritjumper@spiritjump.com If you know someone who could use a Spirit Jump email us and we will give you all the information on how we can help.

We are also on Twitter @spiritjump

On Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/inbox/readmessage.php?t=1069667546422&f=1&e=-12#/group.php?gid=197520490523


We are planning a big raffle as a way to raise money for Spirit Jump so that we can keep up with our rapid growth. In order to have the raffle we need some donations. Quilts, jewelry, gift certificates etc...would be greatly appreciated for our raffle. All donations are Tax Deductible AND we if you have a shop it will be showcased on our website, twitter and Facebook.

Email us if you can help spiritjumper@spiritjump.com


Kelley with Amy's Angels said...

Why yes, I have met Spirit Jump!

ha! : )

Putting the FUN in DysFUNctional said...

I'm a jumper! And I think it's such a fantastic organization.

Juliana said...

So proud to be a jumper. I cannot shut up to everyone about what you are doing...I am so proud of you girls!

Loren said...

I'm so glad things are going well for you. I want you to know I linked Spirit Jump to the top left of my blog to help spread the word. I plan to contact you about getting involved in a few weeks. Best Wishes,

Nora said...

Spirit Jump is such a rewarding way to connect with someone who is need of a spirit lift! I am so proud to be a Spirit Jumper and am looking forward to the raffle. Meaghan and Stacy Rock!! You Go Girls!

Sheri, RN said...

What a great organization, I'm unable to help right now b/c I'm unemployed but I would love to help in the future!

Jasmine12 said...

I just sent an email! I would like to be a jumper!

Lauren @ten23designs said...

LOVE IT!! What a great idea. I would like to participate in your program. I will e-mail you now to get additional information.