Spirit Jump Changes Lives

Many of you know about Spirit Jump my charity organization that I run with Stacy. However, I think there are still many who don't so I am taking an opportunity today to post about it.

I started Spirit Jump (SJ) in November of 2008. It was a small idea based on how I felt when all of my friends sent me cards, gifts, flowers and food to me while I was battling cancer. Each day I received something and as the days passed these tokens of love lifted my spirits and gave me the strength to continue fighting for my life. At first I thought the cards/gifts would stop shortly and that everyone would move on with their lives quickly forgetting about me. But they didn't. Each day more and more came and no one EVER forgot about me. I was not left behind, even if I tried. So I decided that I wanted to start a charity that lifted spirits and reminded cancer fighters that they were not being left behind but instead they were being cheered on and loved by many.

"I have received many emails from people SJ has supported and I want to share some of the things they wrote to me with you:

I have been more blessed with Spirit Jumpers then you will ever know. Not because of the gifts...because of the love, the support and the idea that there is someone who is thinking of me and Philip...praying for us...and cares.

In today's busy world..that is amazing.."

"I have been overwhelmed by the heartfelt cards and beautiful gifts complete strangers have sent me."

"I cannot explain enough how great it is to get a package in the mail and know that someone is thinking of me and rooting me on. In the Thankful Thursday Post we mentioned Spirit Jump and what they have done. The simple things really do jump my spirits in ways most never understand."

I just need you all to understand how important what you do is! These are only three out of the over 75 people we currently have who need Spirit Jumps. Think of the lives you touch, the smiles you bring, laughter, curiosity, joy, hope and wonder you bring into the lives of those touched by cancer. And not only the person who has been diagnosed but their parents, siblings, husbands and wives. The power of a small gift is beyond any of our comprehension. Do you understand what you are doing and have done? I dont think you do because it is indescribable!

I just thought it was important to thank everyone who has become a Spirit Jumper and I encourage all of you reading this who are not yet to join and do something that really matters yet is as easy as sending out a card that says I care.

I am posting pictures of some of the things Spirit Jumpers have sent out. There is something I have to address. I get many emails from people saying they do not own shops and/or dont consider themselves creative. I have to admit im one of those people who isn't gifted in the area of creativity but that does not stop me from being a jumper. If you are gifted in the pocket book consider purchasing something from one of the jumpers who does have a shop (their links are listed under jumpers on the Spirit Jump site) and if you are like me and not gifted in the area of hte pocket book simply buy a card or look to see if you have a couple extra in your drawer left over from Easter/Christmas/etc....Remember nothing is too small!

I hope you enjoy the pictures and consider becoming a jumper yourself. Just email me at spiritjumper@spiritjump.com and I will send you an email telling exactly how the program works and then you can decide if you would like to become a member:


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Donated By: Curly Q Cuties!

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Egg shaped Soap

DONATED BY: Marie Maglaque

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DONATED BY: Barbara Plyler
DONATED BY: Noreen Farrington
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Jellybean Soap
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Hockey Puck Soap

Hand-Made Pendants Donated by: Erin at Bits of Flair

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Hand-Made Pink Ribbon Angel Charms Donated By: Pat from The AngelPatch

Hand-Made Art Donated by: Frannie's Heart

Hand-Made Cards Donated by: Cards By Amy's Angels

Hand Made Cards by: UrbanDebris Artlog

Care Package Donated by: Eye Kandy Glassware & Gifts

Journal Donated by: CBCrafts

Hand-Made Crocheted Hat Donated by: Noradora

Donated by: Tabitha DeGruy

Hand-Made Breast Cancer Awareness Necklace
and Cell Phone Dangler

Donated by: Jewelry By Janine

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Painting Created & Donated By: Tracy Griffin


Amy B said...

Wow..what can I say but wow.
I have been blessed by spirit Jump more then I coule ever explain. Just last weekend I was moved to tears with a gift I recieved. I sat in complete awe as I opened my gift and put it on and may never take it off.
It put a smile on my face and it is now a daily reminder..that I was important to someone and they cared enough to think of me ...
Wow..that says a lot.

Lora said...

I am most definitely interested and will be sending you an email. Glad I found you on SITS today!

Nora said...

I am a Spirit Jumper and have felt so good in sending items to those that in need of a spirt jump! This is a great and I am so happy I found this.


Tammy said...

You have an award waiting for YOU at my blog!