Hate Cancer and Love coffee

Just wanted to remind everyone that Bryan and I also have a coffee site where we sell gourmet coffee and fight cancer. There is a tab called "Charity Coffee". If you drink coffee and hate cancer please think of purchasing one of the coffee's under Charity Coffee. You can click on the coffee's listed there to see what cancer fighting charity proceeds will go to.

While we love fighting cancer and selling coffee things have been very slow at Get The Bean. We want to keep raising money to fight cancer but with the slowed economy and super slow business we may be shutting our doors down. So, please think of us when you go out to purchase coffee from one of the big chains. Our coffee is delicious and we raise money to battle cancer, could it get any better.

Visit Get The Bean by CLICKING HERE


Sandi said...

I will buy some if I get the $$ to do so. Things have been so tough here. I absolutely LOVE my coffee though and would buy a lot if I could. :)

Be Brave, Keep Going said...

I want a shirt that says "hate cancer, love coffee" on it! May have to make one myself!

Jonathan Jay said...

I Love your blog title
Hate Cancer and Love Coffee
Specially cus with Cancer i'm not suppose to drink Coffee unless it's Caffiene free...

I will share your Site with people I know drink coffee.

I want a shirt that says
Hate Cancer, Love Coffee also so if your friend makes one she better sale them

Juliana said...

You are SO awesome!!! I don't like coffee....but I hate cancer and I think this is amazing!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm working on finishing the 3 pounds I have at home. House, Hazelnut, and Almond Cookie. I used up all of the Grogg...and I'm going through withdraw from it!!!

Anonymous said...

I came across at your blog and I find it very interesting. It was worth reading. Thanks for sharing this information. Keep it up!