Project Spirit Jumper Notice

I just got an email from a mom letting me know that her son could use a pick me up. Preston is 4 years old and has t-cell all and was diagnosed on july 29 2008!!! His mom told me that some days he just feels pretty crappy and something like this would lift his spirits!!! I asked her what Preston likes and this is what she told me:

"Prestons likes all "boy" things!:) he loves nascar, monster trucks, thomas the train, mickey mouse, anything disney!! hes really easy to please!! :) just getting something special in he mail would bring a smile to his lil face!!!!

If you want to help bring a smile to this brave boys face please email me:


Michelle said...

Hey Meaghan, after reading this post - he's the one I want! Let me know their info and I'll put a smile on his cute little face!

Live.Love.Eat said...

Meaghan, I would love to help but I am not sure if there is one to a person since Michelle has expressed interest. Let me know. It breaks my heart that a 4yo has to do deal with something like that. My son is 5yo and I can't imagine.

Michelle said...

Hey Meaghan,

Did Preston get his gift?