Its The Season of Giving...So Here is my Plan

I've been talking to so many cancer survivors, patients and the newly diagnosed. Its not easy being us, the understatement of the year! Many of my memories have been flooding back and they are not ones I welcome with open arms. The past two years have been filled with pain, sorrow and loss. Fighting cancer is painful, draining and never ending. So I came up with an idea!

As I visit all my bloggy friends I notice that almost everyone has one form of talent. Be it beautiful jewelry, knitted items, cards, photos, paintings, all sorts of wonderful things. There are also many cancer patients and survivors who could use a present to lift their spirits. If you would like to donate something I will be happy to provide you with a very special someone who could use the surprise. So many wonderful men and women who are battling cancer or who have survived and still struggle have contacted me. I give my words of advice, my ear of understand and my heart full of love but due to the financial disaster cancer has left me in I can't send them all gifts.

I remember when I was sick at first people were sending me all sorts of stuff. It was wonderful but i remember thinking, they will forget about me soon. But, they didn't. Everyday I had treatments and when i would get back to my room or house (if I was luck enough to be out of the hospital) I would be met with a little package. This always brightened my day and took my mind off my terrible situation, even if for just a moment. I got something literally everyday. Whether a card, lotion, cds, necklace not one day went by without a reminder that I was loved! I cherish all the things I got then. Wear three charms on my necklace that were given to me. All these things gave me strength, they still do! They reminded me that I am loved and if I didn't beat it I would be remembered.

If you would be interested in giving please email me and I will set you up with a person who would be beyond grateful for the gift.

Let me know what you think and if you are someone who is battling cancer, survivor, or know someone who is touched by cancer please email me. We all need to fight the battle and support those who are fighting!

I am going to include a category under Resources with the names of the shops that did give and a link to their shop. I will also write a post about your shop and your donation with a picture of what you donated. So you will get great exposure and being doing something wonderful for a person who really needs it! Win Win!!


Pseudo said...

Great idea. I'm going to look around and see what I can give.

AngiDe said...

Dude, you know you can count me in!!
Great idea!

"Nana's Box"

Unknown said...

Win Win is correct. Count me in. I will send you an email.

Meaghan you ROCK!!!!

Be Brave, Keep Going said...

I am sooooo in!

Christina Lee said...

Wonderful! sure, I would be interested!!!

MO said...

You can count me in too! I'll email you at the address in this post. My mom has breast cancer (she's almost done her treatment) and another close family member had uterine cancer (she's a survivor now thank goodness). I certainly want to help :)


Anonymous said...

Great Idea! Is it okay to offer how we want to help? Please see our website . Let me know what you think.

silverdot said...

I would love to donate a pair of earings. They always cheered up my Mom when she was ill. I'll end you an email. Thanks for letting me know about this!! Judy, Silver Dot Jewelry Designs

tam said...

What a wonderful idea! I will see what I can do and get back to you.I am just getting started on my crafting.
In the meantime-Happy SITSmas!
~Tam :D

tara @ kidz said...

This is such a PERFECT idea in the true sense of charity! I definitely want to participate and I'll email you right away to find out how to send a gift - or two or three....

Thank you for being you! You are a true inspiration to me.

Sandra said...

This is a great idea Meaghan. Maybe I can help out after I recover from Christmas and the Stock Market kicking me ;)

Sometimes hospitals will "write off" medical bills as part of their loss. You might consult a credit counselor who deals with this kind of problem all the time. There are many things that they can do to help I believe.

Tracy Griffin - Artist said...

Hello beaufitul!

I'm email you now for someone to send a gifty to!!

Ann Tracy, Maine's Digital Alchemist & Artist said...

This is a great concept! I will be more than happy to donate an 8 x 10" print of any of my digital art, which they can find on my Flickr site or my website.

nomo wino daph said...

Sorry I am just getting back! I got your message, Gosh, life has been going IN circles!!

Looks like you found a great idea though- I love it!!

Prayers today for you sweet friend-
have a BLESSED day and thanks for being such a blessing to all those how know you!


Rebecca Jo said...

Count me in... I knit so I would love to be matched up with someone to love on them...

BloggessJ said...

I would love to help too. We all need a little extra loving sometimes right!?

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