Halloween Pictures From Years Past




Sorry I was a bum this year and didn't dress up but I wanted to participate so I figured I would put up last years pics. Last year on Halloween I was 3 months cancer free and living life to its fullest. It had been years since I dressed up and went to a Halloween party! I had a blast and enjoyed my chemo skinny body! I'm definitely not that small anymore but hey it was a nice side effect for a little while.

Hope everyone had a great Halloween and Im off to look at all the wonderful pictures!

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Kimberly @ Seriously Daisies said...

Cute pic! And costume. I almost skipped dressing up this year, I just couldn't resist, so I mixed and matched what I had, and had a blast.

oº˚ Homeschool Mom˚ºo said...

The last time I dressed up for Halloween was 9 years ago and that was for work. Love the pictures!


Queenie Jeannie said...

Hey!! You have the same background I do!!! Must mean you have SUPER AWESOME taste!!

OK....now how did ya get the nice fuscia color on the sides?? I have a wide screen monitor and mine winds up a boring white!! Help!!

Happy November!


Jess said...

Hope you had a great quiet halloween this year - loving the pumpkin!

Keeper of the Skies Wife said...

I haven't dressed up in years! Cute costumes!

nomo wino daph said...


last time I dressed was about 4 yrs ago for a SCRAPPING ALLNIGHTER HALLOWEEN PARTY! lol

Tara Bennett said...

Love the flashbacks and I love the carved pumpkin!

sassy stephanie said...

That is one fine hunk-o-man. You two are not married yet, right??

Putting the FUN in DysFUNctional said...

LOVE the jack o'lantern!
You looked totally hot last year!
Bryan, not so much. LOL! Wait...he was in costume, right? If not...just kidding! He looks GREAT.

angie said...

You seriously look so good in that pic! And Bryan's costume - hahaha! I need to remember that for next year.

ashley b said...

sweet pumpkin! And very fun costumes! I was so going to dress up with the boys this year but ended up bumming out. Maybe next year...

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