The Fight Against Cancer

This is great! I met Kim a couple weeks ago when she sent me an email. Kim's mother also fought cervical cancer when Kim was a young girl. And Kim lost her uncle to Lung cancer in 2004. I can't imagine how difficult it must be for someone to see cancer all around them, just awful. Kim has been kind enough to offer my bloggy friends a great deal! She has written the following post so read it and please leave her a comment saying hi! Oh and if you don't have anyone to get one of these for theres always do look GREAT!

The Fight Against Cancer

Everyone in America today has someone in their family and/or knows someone who has been affected by cancer. Meaghan has made her fight against cancer known to us all and she is determined to get the best of cancer and not let cancer get the best of her. Through reading her blog, I've learned more about cancer outside of National Breast Cancer Month than ever before. Breast cancer is in the forefront because it is one of the leading causes of cancer for women but as Meaghan has taught us all, cancer comes in many forms.

With cancer affecting so many lives and families, it should not just be in the forefront only one month out of the year. Cancer is a daily disease not a monthly disease. In honor of Meaghan and all others who are determined to live their lives and fight cancer everyday, I would like to offer you, her supporters, free shipping on pink gifts and gift baskets from Fruit Nut & Candle Gift Send a gift to a cancer survivor to show your continued support and encouragement for their hard fought battle(s).

Just log on at and enter the code "meaghan" at checkout to receive your free shipping. This coupon is good until December 31st 2009.

Thank you Meaghan for displaying the power of the human spirit to us all.


~Mrs. Guru~ said...

That was such a great post.

Anonymous said...

That's really awsome, thank you!

AngiDe said...

What a sweet lady!!! She said some really kind things about you! How nice! I'm totally gonna get in contact with her. Thanks so letting me know!


"Nana's Box"

carrhop said...

Thanks so much for a great offer and for a wonderful post!


Avery Tales said...

What a great offer!! How cool that you get to be a discount code. :)

I ordered a Nana's Box for my friend and we should receive it soon. I know Dale will love it. I spent this afternoon at the hospital with her family. She's in the ICU and had a biopsy today. I haven't heard anything since she went in for the biopsy. Please continue to keep Dale and her family in your prayers.

Putting the FUN in DysFUNctional said...

How cool is that!
I tagged you for a meme on my blog.

Anonymous said...

Happy Thanksgiving.

-Dan Waeger