Things I Think You Should Know About

I have a lot of cool and informative links on my blog. If you haven't looked through them please do. Recently I added some new ones and i wanted to tell you about them.

This is GREAT. When the owners of this company launched Spell 2 years ago, they made a conscious decision to bring the cosmetics industry along with them on creating products that removed the chemicals that research began to show may be causing cancer. "May be" was enough for them. They worked to develop their line without the use of Parabens/Phthalates and VOC's.Today, they produce some extremely popular items such as our minera foundations, skin care line and lip/eye products, that have been reviewed publicly as even better than the major players.It can be done, and it is! They are beginning a new campaign this year with our Regional Sales Director (West Coast). To continue the fight and are proud to be now supporting the cause/cure.

**** So the wonderful creators of SPELLS COSMETICS sent me some goodies....WOW...thats all I can say. I got a box of awesome cosmetics from them today and you MUST get some! They sent me shimmery lip gloss, beautiful powder colors, Wet and Set Kit and I got a Spell Rewards Club Card (gives you 20% off every order). You have to check out there online store and blog. And as a bonus they donate 10% of the proceeds of each kit to the Breast Cancer Research Fund!

Frame Of Mind This site has beautiful cards for framing. I contacted the owners of the site and asked them about inspirational cards for survivors & patients. The cards they directed me to are absolutely beautiful. I think these would make a wonderful gift for the fighter in your life. Also, they are very reasonably priced.

Nana's Box This is a wonderful site and such a great gift for the cancer fighter in your life. I recently got one for my friend. Unfortunately she passed away before I was able to give it to her. The box was beyond beautiful and the inspirational cards inside were perfect. I know she would have loved it if she had the chance!

Hope you enjoy these sights!


AngiDe said...

Hey girl. How ya doin?
It's good to see you back up and blogging again.
Hope you are doing well and that you have lots of good people around you at this time.


Lump said...

thanks so much for these links! I'm definitely checking them out!

♥ Becky ♥ said...

Thanks for sharing these sites with us.
And I know for a fact she would have loved the Nana's box!!!! Especially because it came from you.

cancersucks said...

I'm glad to "meet" you,too. I will be back up and blogging next week when my computer gets fixed. I'll write more to you then. Thanks for stopping by my blog and sharing your story. I'm always glad to hear of a cervical cancer survivor story...seems like all you hear about these days is breast cancer. Every cancer sucks!

Grand Pooba said...

Congratulations on winning the mystery prize! Are you ready to pay it forward...

Sandra said...

Thank you for sharing the info. Hope you are doing better...

sassy stephanie said...

Very cool! Thanks for the links!

Anonymous said...

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Morgan said...

That's very cool that they're making cosmetics without the chemicals that could be contributing to cancer. I always wonder about the lip balm, lotions and deodorants I use and how safe they really are.