what is wrong with these doctors??????

I just came across this article and it enraged me!! Yet another doctor saying, "you are too young to have cervical cancer" How many women in their 20's need to die of cervical cancer before doctors realize that this cancer DOES NOT KNOW YOU ARE TOO YOUNG! While the doctors seem to think it is impossible for young women to get cervical cancer we all know they they are DEAD WRONG!! By the way, PUN intended!!



Brandy said...

It's amazing to me how many people think doctors know everything. They are just people too and they make many mistakes, sometimes costing lives. Thank you for stopping by my blog to say hi. I've enjoyed reading your blog and am wishing you the best.

Anonymous said...

i just read ur blog and the article..and DAMN!! how can u tell a woman she is too young???
when i have been at home after my cone biopsies..and have been in contact to other girls/women i honestly have been kinda shocked HOW YOUNG these girls have been!! most of them in their EARLY TWENTIES!!!!
and although i am alway yelling about the US docs..i have to say..i was shocked to hear HOW LONG some of these girls got told from their gyns "just come back in 3 months and we'll do another pap smear"..the craziest one did that ova 3 years!! although that girl already had a pap IV which means: cancer prestage!!!! and i gave her phone-numbers and adresses from docs where she should go to..instead of going back to her stupid gyn every 3 months..prolly until it would be too late!!!
i really cant understand why some ppl think they HAVE to do what a doc says although they feel something is wrong and they should do different...THEN DO IT!!! and do not only listen to ONE doctor!

GIRL, i am SO glad that you are doing this!!! i will really try and help ya as much as i can!!!

Anonymous said...

This is a MAJOR ISSUE. when i first started working at a law firm that deals with clients who have cancer in Pittsburgh, i was reluctant b/c i just thought "cancer isn't preventable. why sue if its going to happen anyway?". Well, after hearing the stories, I've become totally distrusting of doctors. Doctors like this, who don't even CONSIDER that it could be cancer - and year go by, and the cancer gets worse, and any hope of treatment goes by with it. It's so sad, and makes me so angry, to see young, otherwise healthy, women and children die because a doctor is too busy or thinks he knows everything.

Anonymous said...

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