Surgery went well

Can't write much because I just got out of surgery and am a little groggy. just wanted to let everyone know it went extremely well. I was very nervous because I got rid of my former Urologist, he was a jerk, and now I have a new much better doctor. With the new doctor I am having surgery at a new Hospital, New England Baptist.

The hospital was much smaller so I was a bit nervous but it turned out to be sooooo much better. The staff were all friendly and very accessible. The anesthesiologist came to see me quickly and listened to all my concerns, not just head nodding but actually writing it down and using the drugs that I felt comfortable with. I met both the nurses that would be in the operating room with me and they were very kind and took the extra time to get to know me a little.

Best part, when I woke up the same staff were there. They let me sleep as long as I wanted and when I got up to go to the bathroom I would go back to sleep without a hassle. I left when I was ready to go and didn't feel rushed at all.

My new Urologist took a picture of my kidneys and told my mother that it may be possible to remove the stents. We did try this last year and it didn’t go well but hopefully there has been a lot of healing and maybe it will work this time, fingers crossed. In December we will try to remove the stents.

And to top it all off they gave me a rose. I will be sure to go back there and recommend it to anyone. Thanks New England Baptist.


Obsessedwithlife said...

Wow-all I can say is you look awfully gorgeous after surgery!

Yay for a medical procedure that went positively!


Anonymous said...

Meaghan that's great news about December's surgery!! I pray the healing continues so you will no longer have to deal with this part of things.

And I agree with look great!

Anonymous said...

Thats great about the Dec surgery. Out of curiousity, are your surgeries laprospopic?


Missy said...

Best Wishes)

Mammatalk said...

Hope you are feeling well. This is an impressive blog...great writing and fabulous info! I also have to agree with the previous comment. You do look awfully gorgeous after surgery.

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