Many women have been asking for my advice with regards to how to deal with an abnormal PAP or what to do if you think something is "wrong". My immediate answer is GO TO A GYNECOLOGICAL ONCOLOGIST! Do not pass go, do not go to a second OBGYN, do not go to your GP go to the specialist. Why do I say this? Here is why:

I was misdiagnosed by two OBGYN's and a GP. I had countless pelvic exams, PAPs, biopsys, ultra sounds etc...I was told by ALL my doctors nothing was wrong. When I went to the ER and the CT scan showed a large mass that was most likely a tumor my OBGYN continued to mistreat me. They put me on antibiotics that made me deathly ill & ordered horribly painful and useless ultra sounds. Because my CT showed what looked like a tumor the doctors were required to call in a gynecological oncologist. This man came into my hospital room, propped me up on a bed pan and did a pelvic exam right there. Without hesitation he said: "STAGE 3B CERVICAL CANCER". Just like that folks!!

Don't waste your time and put your life in harms way. Do it the right way the first time!


Anonymous said...

Your b/f is right... im glad you posted that. Ive had the abnormal bleeding/cramping/painful intercourse for about 9 months now. My OBGYN said its normal for a 33 yr old, but recently had to do CRYO for precancer cells on my cervix and did Laproscopic to look inside just a few weeks ago. He said my pain was from a cyst that ruptured (he was describing the TERRIBLE labor-like pains i was having for 4 days) but said the period-like cramping i have every stinkin day is from scar tissue from my c-sections. IDK.. i still bleed like mad and cramp all the time, ESPECIALLY during intercourse and directly after.

Well, i really got kind TMI personal on this one huh? Sowwy... however my GP is a female and i think she is more concerned about my gyne issues than my gyne is (he's male, not that it matters)... so i think i might talk to her about giving me a referral since i've already had the precancer cells cryo'd off twice and abnormal paps.

Argh womanhood blows sometimes. :(

Angel :)

Anonymous said...

hey sweety!
I TOTALLY AGREE! and i am glad u posted that...!!!!

lots of HUUUUGS to ya from Germany!!