If you have a Cancer Inspired Tattoo please email me and I will add it to this list

I have finally been able to put together all the great cancer inspired tattoos. Hope you enjoy looking at all the beautiful tattoos and please leave a comment to let them know how much you like the ink. If you have a tattoo you would like me to post send me an email and I will add it :)


I got this tattoo in honor of my cousin Mark who I lost to cancer.



I chose to add the angel wings to the ribbon because I felt my guardian angel was taking care of me through out the fight. The word hope because I sure "hope" it does not come back!! I had the tat designed at Tattoo You in Columbia, Mo just a few blocks away from Ellis Fischel Cancer Hospital.
I'm 27 years old and had stage 3 melanoma. I got the hummingbird which is the melanoma foundation symbol which stands for wings of hope.




This is how I am living as a four-year stage 3A Hodgkin's lymphoma. I will livestrong for life! I will do my part. Even though I am in my own fund-raising event with the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society's (LLS) Team In Trainings, I'm makiing a $100.00 donatio to STand Up 2 Cancer. I believe that we're all in this together. And I received a letter from the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society confirming their cooperation with this effort and leading in the fight for 60 years, so I believe what comes around goes around. So if you have donated to Stand Up 2 Cancer or if you haven't, please log into my fundraising page and give to The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. Not only am I standing up 2 Cancer, I'm running a marathon for a cure!

Click Here to Visit My Fund raising Site


shadrock 1

shadrock 2

These tattoos are done for every remission for my son who was born with infant ALL. The first he drew for his 6th remission. I have a total of 20 done for him, ever bday, remission and diagnosis date each year



A friend of mine is a tattoo artist, and after the cancer, and life altering surgery he drew this tatt, and then inked me. After it all, he gave me wingz. What an awesome tribute you are creating!!Props to you. Cancer is so hard to deal with. I was 26 when the journey started for me. Uterine and cervical cancer were both just too much for the chemo and my body to deal. Ultimately, last year, I had to have a total hysterectomy.



I have several tattoos dedicated to my experience, but the photo you see basically says it all. Because I felt so blessed to have survived breast cancer, my life's work has changed dedicated to the Komen promise (thus the running ribbon). The three cherry blossoms are dedicated to three Komen volunteers who lost their lives due to beast cancer recurrences. Since getting this tattoo, we hve lost one more volunteer.



Like me Stacy got her cancer inspired tattoo to cover up Cancer scars.


There is soooo much stuff packed into this tattoo. I got the Chinese symbol ten years ago when a friend died. It means little brother. That tattoo got lonely, so I added the rest about three months ago. The swallow symbolizes returning safely home, so I got one for each of my children (Emma is six and Jack is three) They also symbolize my beating breast cancer and returning home to them. The cherry bblossoms are for my dad who died when I was three months pregnant with Emma. He used to take us to see cherry blossoms every year. And dont forget the little pink ribbon! So tthats my tattoo story :) This tattoo means so much to me!



Brad Andress inspired my tattoo. He has been my inspiration since I met him a year before he passed.





Stealing tattoo




piornacks #2




This is the ghost orchid tattooed on my left hip when I was first diagnosed with cervical cancer at age 20. The ghost orchid is known as one of the most elusive orchids in the world, as was my cancer. I designed my own tattoo and it is the exact size of the ctual orchid. Both tattoo and survivor are as vibrant and vivid as they were the day they came into existence.




The purple ribbon is for testicular cancer and cancer survivorship. I am coming up on 1 year being cancer free.



irish momma tattoo


Helen Tattoo

My tattoo is the symbol for Sloan-Kettering Memorial Hospital and is where I go to get my follow-up's and MRI's (one more and i'll stick to the fridge..haha) The symbol actually means several things, the arrow going upwards is the ongoing quest to conquer cancer and each line represents something as well, such as education, patient care and wellness. They have this no where on the website, my Doctor actually told me and loved my tattoo.







crystal 2

I got this one done at topnotch tattoos in Elign, IL. I went on my 2ndt year anniversary of being diagnosed with 3C papillary serious ovarian cancer on Nove 15, 2005 at age 22. I went with my 18 year old sister who also designed the tattoo. The words Faith, Hope, Courage are words I live by and so does the rest of my family. The 2 stars I have represent the years I have survived so far. Every year on my anniversary I will add a new star in bright colors. This year I think its going to be hot orange. I have recurrent ovc and have been on about 5 different chemos and will most likely be starting a new one this week. This is my 5th tattoo


crystal 1 grandma tat
I got this one done when my grandma, at age 63, was diagnosed with stage 4 peritoneal carcinoma-almost identical to ovca but starts in the peritoneam and not the ovaries. I got the idea because I love rosaries and I bought her one in this color because its the color of her birthstone(july) and I bought her one wrapped around a panda teddy bear.



This is the tattoo I got after I lost my Mother to cervical cancer. Every time my mom had to go in the hospital I would take her a huge Butterfly balloon. She loved it so much and it made her smile. It was our thing. Before her death she told me she wanted her four grandchildren to write her a letter and then send the letters up to heaven on a butterfly balloon. We did exactly what she wanted and it was so beautiful seeing four big Butterfly balloons making their way up to her in heaven. So now I symbolize the butterfly with my mom and the smile she would get when she saw the balloon.


It is a lotus flower. I got it after I found out I was in remission 2 weeks ago, plus my 30th birthday is September 11. It is a symbol for life and new beginning.




My late husband was a Captain on our Fire Dept., and our son Andrew is on the Fire Dept. Andrew just turned 21 and got this tattoo just a few days before our Relay For Life in June 2008, in memory of his dad. It is the Fire Dept. Maltese Cross with flames. It says Capt. Strong with Mike's Fire Dept. # 9506, his year of birth 1960 and death 2005 and the blue ribbon is for colon cancer, which is what Mike had. Andrew designed the tattoo himself.

-Andrew's mom

Hope everyone enjoyed looking at these great tattoos. Some of the ones I got would not load up so if yours isn't on here I am working on fixing it.



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Anonymous said...

wow they are all so beautiful!!! so much thought and meaning behind them. so many courageous people. my heart is with you all!!!!!!!! xoxo

Angel said...

haha found my password :)

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed looking at these tattoos. I am wanting to get one for my daughter who has survived 5 brain tumors. Just not very creative. The courage of these people is amazing especially the younger ones just starting their lives!

Layla said...

I love the tattoos.... I have not gotten my cancer tattoo yet, but I can't wait. I am getting two - one on the back of my neck that says "That which does not kill me makes me stronger" and one on my wrist that says"Strength", to remind me of how much I have. Kudos to all!!! Lets stay cancer free!!!


Anonymous said...

Very cool to see so many cancer tats together. Good job Meaghan

Anonymous said...

My daughter sent me your link and I must say, I am so very proud of ALL these young people. Danielle has been, and continues to be my inspiration every day and there is so much strength in the way she and all young cancer patients live their life. At first I wasn't quite sure a tat would really be a good idea, but with the way Danielle wears it, I know now that it was her choice to make.

Anonymous said...

WOW! ALL of em are beautiful in their own ways!!!
lots of love to ALL of ya from Germany!!!

Unknown said...

What a great compilation! Very inspiring.

Marc Gary said...

I have just got over radiation treatment for Cancer of the Larynx. I am looking for an idea for my third tattoo to honor this. If anyone has any ideas for me please let me know. You can look at my blog to get an idea about my personality. Thanks, Marc.

Cragzop said...

I was diagnosed with lymphoma on Nov. 3rd, 2008. Biopsy surgery on Nov 13th and next Monday we find out what type and how advanced.

I already have 2 tats, one of a large dragon on my right leg, and one I designed that has my son (Sun) and 2 daughters (Moons) connected by a DNA helix. In latin are the words :"Forever and a day."

I am inspired by the photographs of these beautiful people and their art work. When I destroy this monster in me, I will get some more tats to celebrate.


Ron From NY

Anonymous said...

Wow, very awesome tattoos. I want to get one as well since I became a 2-year Testicular Cancer Survivor. Does anybody know the ribbon color for Testicular Cancer? Peace & Love.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE this site. I just found it today when I was looking for a tattoo to represent my 7 year fight with my Brain tumor. Cheers to us surviors!!!

Bramblemoon Farm said...

Meaghan, thanks SO much for sharing all these tattoos. They are so inspiring and touching:)

Melissa said...

What inspiring and beautiful tattoos. Thanks for sharing!

tracylee said...

Great tats. I'm still in the hospital recovering from near-total removal of my stomach after they found a cancerous polyp. The scar will reach nearly across my upper abdomen under my bra-line. My SO and I are pondering a grape-vine there, since I'm fond of wine :D

Ashlie said...

i love friend is making me one...because im only 17 and i was at the very begining of cervical cancer...but they caught it jus in time so now i dont have it anymore

mitchG said...

my grandfather is very sick with cancer he doesnt have to much longer to live ...i want to get a memorial tattoo on the left side of my chest that says live strong because your heart is on your left side and i want to show he is always in my heart a live strong tattoo okay for a memorial thing??

Unknown said...

I remember sending you pictures of my tattoos awhile ago when you mentioned on myspace about posting pictures of people with cancer-related tattoos. I forgot all about that until I came on your blogsite today and looked under the tattoo section--and was sooooooo HAPPY AND EXCITED to see mine on here!!! Thank you so much for posting my pictures on here, along with the others. You are such an inspiration to me with all that you do!!!
Crystal Fancutt

Bri said...

This is a great website, I'll make sure to send in a picture of the one my little sister is designing for me once I get it inked on. I think that tattoos are the best way to show survivorship.

Adam said...

Thank you everyone for posting this. Seeing your strength has given me something to live up to through my coming ordeal.

clairesmom said...

I have been trying to talk my sister into getting a tatoo along with me. We are both Hodgkins survivors. We also both had the same rare type!
This has inspired me to do so. They are all beautiful. I especially love the Live strong one!
Thank you for sharing!

Unknown said...

Tammie, I was wondering if you still have the outline pic for yourt tattoo, it's amazing and gave me a great idea to remember my grandmother.

Anonymous said...

i was 30 yrs.old i had cervical,ovarian,falopion,uterine cancer's.after7 surgery's and four emergencies surgery's and,infection through my blood my last right's it has been 5 yrs. cancer free i am now 35 yrs.old and i am looking for the just right tattoo,that stand's for survivor of these four kind's of cancer,if you have a beautiful idea please let me know preferably,wing's with color's to match these kind's of can e-mail you're idea's to me at,thank-you so much B.S.Tessier,bless all those affected by this disease!

Anonymous said...

i was 33 years old when i was diagnosed with cerivcal cancer...i had the surgery, while in the hospital i got an intestinal infection and had to go on 3 strong antibiotics...also had to have radaition...had 2 sisters who passed away from cancer themselves want to get a tattoo for them

Anonymous said...

Rite now I'm going thru a bmt but I already know I beat this pre b all luekemia with the lord onmy side so I'm just drawin up ideas so wen the doc say it's cool to get one I'm a going!