I wanted to share this with you. This beautiful, young woman died at age 27 from Cervical Cancer! Her PAP's came back normal but she knew something was wrong. GP's didn't think anything was wrong but there was, she had advanced cervical cancer. This is exactly what happened to me but for some reason God wasn't ready to take me. 9 months later I was cancer free but this young woman was dead. YOUNG WOMEN GET CERVICAL CANCER AND IT CAN KILL YOU!!! PLEASE BE AWARE AND DON'T LET YOUR GP TELL YOU NOTHING IS WRONG OR YOU ARE TOO YOUNG!!!

Please click the link to watch this video:



Anonymous said...

I cried-that was so much like Micheles story.

Anonymous said...

How does this happen. It makes me angry that a life was lost.

Anonymous said...

I didn't watch the video...I am not emotionally strong enough to do it! DOCTORS NEED TO START LISTENING TO US AND STOP THINKING WE ARE IDIOTS OR HYPOCHONDRIACS!! And, there answer to everything is a damned pill! We don't want pills! Listen to us, coordinate our health care, look at the BIG PICTURE of what is going on, & get to, and resolve the ROOT OF OUR HEALTH PROBLEMS!!! We are nothing but a bunch of cattle being herded through! I do not believe in state run healthcare, but our system does need to be overhauled to say the least! My "cause" is Retinoblastoma...(pediatric eye cancer)...I've seen so many kids needlessly lose eyes or DIE, not to mention suffer through the horrid cancer treatments because they are not RECEIVING THE STANDARD OF CARE recommended by the AAP (American Academy of Pediatrics)! Because the disease is "rare", though fatal, these doctors are too lazy and in too much of a hurry to make more money to properly check children's eyes!!! Absolutely UNACCEPTABLE!!! Jokers! Maybe if we sue the shit out of these doctors they will start doing their jobs! They need to be held to higher standards and our curren insurance and billing systems need to be SCRAPPED.

Wendy said...

So sad, and an unnecessary loss! Women KNOW when something is wrong with their bodies. If your GP tells you nothing is wrong, but you feel otherwise, PLEASE, get a 2nd opinion, or however many opinions you need to get the problem addressed!

Lynz said...

One thing that I fear, is an over-dependence on the vaccine for HPV, that is being marketed as a vaccine for Cervical Cancer.

Not speaking totally against it, but as a word of advice, it is important to know that the vaccine this mother speaks about, may have in-fact saved her daughter from contracting HPV, which can lead to Cervical Cancer. It is also important to remember that 15% of Cervical Cancer is not HPV related. My case for instance, I have never been diagnosed with HPV.

This is a sad story, a prime example of doctor negligence, we cannot simply say "if only,' even combined with information about, "we could." It is important to not just talk about it, but to act about it, act on your notions, go to your legislatures, your leaders, and let your ideas be passed around.

Women need to learn that you cannot let a doctor dictate your treatments, it is your life, and could be your funeral, so stand up for yourself!

If I would have let doctor's dictate my treatment, I would most certainly be dead now!

We need to know our limitations, health care and insurance, whatever it may be.

Know that doctors will say stupid shit like: "too young, too risky, too expensive, above my head, must consult out."

You have to know what your demon is, you have to know your illness, and be your own advocate, know your symptoms, know what it will cost but don't forget the greatest cost will be your life, and who the best person is around, if you don't get the answers you want the first time you say, "thank you for your time, can I get a copy of my chart so I can see someone else."

Don't be a victim of the system. Go to a specialist, go to 10, get the answers you need, and fight, fight, fight! It's your life, it's worth it.

Don't worry about bills, don't worry about anything but making the best choices for preserving your health and well-being.

Anonymous said...

There is really no way to put such emotion into words because it is felt so deep. All I can say is we need to be sure that when we see a doctor they listen and are not the type that are on the clock. You need to find someone who has passion and bedside manner to understand and listen to all the small details. There is also no excuse for this to even be happening in this day and age. If only money would go more to disease instead of wasteful programs this will be a done problem. Honestly all politicians are controlled by self interest groups because that is where they get funds to run for office. Until we truly have a independent government without parties with special interest things will continue to be slow. The real voice is truly the people and we are the only ones that can push and make a fuss. Having blog areas like this is a start but also writing letter after letter or organizing groups with press coverage really can make a politician feel foolish enough to take action.
Speak up write your government tell your stories to the press and never give up. If we want something done right we need to do it ourselves and we can.
To everyone who is going through cancer you are thought about by those who have taken the same road as you. You are not alone and never be afraid to talk to any of us for help or advice. We do care. I thank Meg for starting this blog already I have met someone who gets it. (o;
All the best my friends..
Brian Weapon, 14 year cancer survivor of 3 bouts of metastasized NHL B
told 3-6 months to live twice..

Obsessedwithlife said...

Sorry to hear of this loss :(.

But thanks for your kind message and spreading the word-it's crunch time!!


Anonymous said...

that was so sad :( she was so pretty and so young and just married :(

how scary that they've not found a CURE for ANY cancers yet. scary and sad :(

her mom seemed like a very strong woman.


shannonsofar said...

my heart aches for this woman and her family.when my breast cancer was found it didn't show up on mammogram or ultrasound .i was lucky though ,the N.P. i was seeing would not take i don't know for answer.and got me the biopsy i needed .by the way i was stage 3 breast cancer .through all the tests i had doctors and technicians telling me the hardness i felt was nothing or probably a clogged milk duct. i guess what my point is G.P.s and N.P.s need to be advocates for you .when you know something is wrong they should help you get every test needed to find out what is going on.as we all know to well ,i don't know is an answer that is not only not good enough.it can be fatal.

Anonymous said...

I watched the video and cried. I remembered the day we were told that Katie had pancreatic cancer..that it was not a small problem with her pregnancy as the nurse practioner at her drs. office had told her...twice. She made Katie feel like a first time pregnant wimp who was complaining about pain! Two months later Katie and her baby girl were dead.
We can no longer trust our medical advisors completely as our parents did. We must be our own advocates.. for ourselves, our families and our friends. And we must try to raise awareness of how many people are dying because of lack of early detection methods for silent killers such as cervical cancer and pancreatic cancer.
Thank you, Meaghan, for all that you are doing to raise this awareness.

Unknown said...

I hate this disease! I pray that there is a cure on the way.
Never let anyone tell you that you're too young!
Praying for all that have lost the battle and for all who have not,
Be Well
Amazon Heart Foundation.

Jason said...

Thank you for sharing this. Stories like this remind me of how greatful I should be.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing

Anonymous said...

No person or family should have to go through what was described in the video. I was surprised to see that the vaccine is only recently being administered in the UK.
.. and WHY are they not giving the vaccine to men?????? So many women would be saved the horror of cervical cancer.
Doctors like to diagnose based on age and assumptions - if you have a feeling be your own advocate and get a second opinion!!!!

Meaghan said...

go to a gynocological oncologist immediately. I had 2 OBGYN opinions that i was just fine. Guess they were wrong b/c I had 3b. Jerks!


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