A Week in the life of a Cancer Survivor

First I would like to thank everyone who visited my blog! It is my goal to raise awareness and I can't do that without your help. Please pass my blog along to anyone you think might find it helpful or interesting.
Second, I am sorry for not posting in a couple days. It is also my goal to post almost daily. There is so much of my story I have not shared and even more information. Eventually my story will catch up to present time and that is when I will be asking for your advice and recommendations. For those of you who are not close to me I should tell you that while I am cancer free I am far from healthy. There is a long journey ahead and because my medical situation is unique there is much mystery regarding how to fix all my problems.

Finally. I thought I would share with you why I haven't posted in a few days. While I was sick and in the hospital I spent a lot of time wondering what I would be like when and if I made it out of there. I knew the big C was going to change me but I wasn't sure how. Was I going to be spiritual, angry, giving, selfish? Would I even look or sound the same? Well, I am different but that is a story for a different post. What I can tell you now is that while I am different my life is still like everyone else's.

For some odd reason I thought that after getting cancer my life would be so much easier. I paid my dues, I would think to myself, smooth sailing from here on out!! Man was I wrong! Life didn't get easier, people don't give me a break and I still have to pay all my bills. No free pass! So, this week I have been to the dentist almost everyday, today I spent 3 hours in the chair. Thats right folks, cancer survivors still need to brush their teeth and FLOSS. My car broke down too! "Life isn't fair" I shouted. The response I got, "No one's is". My reply, "hahaha, well mine really isn't"

If you survive cancer things like cavities and breaking down cars shouldn't happen, right?? Anyways, things could surely be worse. It's like what I told the dentist today in response to him apologizing for the fact that I had to be there and telling me that I was doing well, "No worries at least I know you can't tell me I am going to die while im sitting in this chair"

I'll be writing more very soon. Thanks for all the support.

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Unknown said...

Whenever I hit something like bills and car trouble and all of that it's easy to get grounded by just thinking that while I was in the hospital I would have done anything to just be dealing with bills and car trouble.... Those are the things that "regular" people deal with and handle and get taken care of. Those are the everyday little things that make having friends over or going on a picnic or getting a present so wonderful. The downs to appreciate the ups. Otherwise everything would be pretty flat.

It is hard to not run into one of those everyday kinds of issues and say "Aren't I paid up for a while?!?"

The knowledge you've gained from being through what you've been though is something that can connect you to groups of people that you never could have understood. It's a fucking huge price to pay to join such a select group of folks. The benefits pop up when you least expect.

You're doing awesome things. Keep sharing, keep pushing, keep kicking ass. Lots of love - Mimi