Scary Facts About Cervical Cancer

Cervical Cancer Screening Saves Lives, yet...
  • 11% of United States women report that they do not have their Pap test screenings
  • In the United States, About 10,000 women are diagnosed with cervical cancer each year and about 3,700 women die in the USA each year from this disease.
  • Women in developing countries account for about 85 percent of both the yearly cases of cervical cancer (estimated at 473,000 cases worldwide) and the yearly deaths from cervical cancer (estimated at 253,500 deaths worldwide).
  • In the majority of developing countries, cervical cancer remains the number-one cause of cancer-related deaths among women.
  • A woman who does not have her three shot prevention vaccine and her regular Pap test screen and HPV test when recommended, significantly increases her chances of developing cervical cancer.
  • High-Risk HPV Types are directly related to cervical cancer, yet many women are unaware of what HPV is or the relationship it has to cervical cancer.

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