Note to NOT wax eyebrows when getting chemo!!

Ok folks I know a lot of my posts are tear jerker's so I thought I would share this funny one with you, at least I think its funny. About three weeks after I got to Dana Farber they let me go home. I would still have to come into the hospital every day for treatment but I could sleep in my own bed (well sorta I didn't really "live" in Mass. but it was my home for the time being).

One of my best friends flew up from Florida during her spring break to visit me. My mom had a great idea, get a nice hotel room in Cambridge (directly across the river from my hospital so we were close but it felt like a vacation). Now I should point out that the entire time I was in the hospital in Florida and then Mass. I refused to brush my hair, shower, change my clothes and I barely brushed my teeth and ya I had two pee bags that I carried around with no shame. Needless to say I look like a hot mess! My mom decided she would treat me to a day at the salon, I think this was an attempt to get my hair brushed for the first time in over a month.

We arrived at the salon, I should point out I was not feeling well, as usual. I couldn't stand up straight so I looked like a hunch back, my hair was so out of control it wasn't funny and I was about 20 pounds underweight. My poor hairdresser look horrified when she saw me. I sat in her chair and held onto my almost totally full pee bags while she started to deal with my hair. Poor thing tried to make small talk but I wasn't having it, I just sat there while she washed, cut and blew out my hair.

This woman didn't "know" I had cancer. Its like when you think someone is pregnant but you don't want to ask, just in case. So she finishes up, thank God cause all I wanted to do was crawl back into bed. Then I am brought to my next appointment in the salon, the waxing. Thankfully this woman gets the guts up to ask whats up, this is how the conversation went:

Hair Dresser: "Can I ask what exactly is wrong with you"

Me : "Cancer"

Hair Dresser: "Are you getting Chemo"

Me: "Yes"

Hair Dresser: "Ummmm I don't think you want to wax your eyebrows"

Me: "Why"

Hair Dresser: "Well not only will the wax remove your hair but it will also take all your skin along with it"

Me: "Yea I think I'll pass on that"

Moral of the story, NO WAXING WITH CHEMO! Thank God she asked because I can't imagine how much that would hurt never mind how weird I would have looked!!