Why I started this blog

It's been a year since my PET scan came back clear....GOOD BYE CANCER! As some of you know I am back in Western Mass. for some medical fun and another PET scan. It has been a tough journey for me, my family and friends. I needed some R&R so I came out to Western Mass with my sister and my baby niece. While here I had lunch with my wonderful, funny, beautiful, smart friend Shakenfruit. She asked me if I had read her blog, "no, what blog, how does that work" I cannot believe that ME, a person who uses the internet on a daily basis, has never read a blog. So I read her blog. It was the smartest funniest thing I have ever read! Shakenfruit's blog both inspired and intimidated me. This is how and why I am starting my blog. I want to share my journey with all my friends and family, as well as, those who may share some of my experiences.

While I always appreciate people asking how I am or what is new it does get tiring. This seems like the best way to let everyone know what is going on with me and to keep a journal of what has happened. While some people would like to forget the cancer that has plagued them I do not. I want to remember everything, pain, taste, fear, excitement, hope....all of it. This is the best way to do that because all memories fade with time, good and bad.

I will start writing my story in a chronological order and do my best to catch up to the present. I may, probably will, interrupt with new stuff but I am sure you all won't mind. While the main point of this blog is to deal with my former cancer I will write about other things in my life because my cancer does not run my life. I am not defined by what happened to me. It is part of my life, part of who I am but it will never be WHO I AM!!! So you will also hear about the great things going on in my life, my little baby niece, my travels, boyfriend, friends, family etc...



ShakenFruit said...

Yeah! And then some. Welcome to the blogosphere.

luckymama said...

I don't know how to start a blog, either! But as one of the most beautiful, intelligent, funny, and passionate people I know, yours is a guaranteed great read!

Solaris Law Group, P.A. said...

Hey Lovely Lady! I can't wait to start reading! I tried to get a blog going last year but couldn't keep it up - I hope you can cause it is a story worth telling ... with laughs and tears and hope and disappointment. I am so proud of how far you have come with all of this ... we haven't talked much but I remember when you got sick and when you came back ... and where you are now is so evolved from the place you were when you first came back ... angry and confused, rightfully so, and still fighting. Keep writing. xoxo

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