Power Bodies Workout...OUCH!

My boyfriend is a personal trainer and has a studio where he does his training, Powerbodies Today he started training me and OMG was it painful. It was also a rude awakening that this Cancer kicked my ass ! For the past year and a half I haven't been able to do much of anything. On the good days I am excited that I am able to drive and walk around. While I was in the hospital I had shots in my stomach and legs to prevent blood clots from lack of any type of exercise. Not only did the cancer cause me to lose fat it also took all my muscle! I had suffered from muscle atrophy and probably still do. I use to be a competitive dancer. Dance was a huge part of my life and I have to admit it gave me some great legs. No more great legs though just weak ones. But today is the first day of getting my muscles back. It is going to be a long journey but a great one!