Newly Diagnosed With Cancer...Read This!

I've mentioned the magazine CURE before. Its a great magazine/journal for those fighting cancer, surviving, supporting or care giving. There are countless articles with information on medical breakthroughs, suggestions on how to deal with difficult recovery, steps to take when newly diagnosed etc....

This magazine is FREE for those who have been touched by cancer. I signed up for it several months ago and was very impressed when I received my first copy. If you are interested just visit their website and sign up, its easy.

An article that I would like to discuss in this post is entitled "Dealing With Emotions, How to recognize normal reactions at diagnosis and when you need help" This is a great article for those who are newly diagnosed. The article talks about 3 stages: initial response, distress and adjustment.

For me being diagnosed with cancer was a relief at first. I had gone so long not knowing what was wrong and being told I was "crazy". Now that I knew I was sick and that I was not alone relief set in. But after the initial Shock and response I experienced I didn't know what to feel. I knew that I was suppose to feel something but I just didn't know what or how. I still feel this way and that is one of the reasons why I blog. To put my feelings out there and see if others feel the same.

This article talks about the many emotions that come along with a cancer diagnosis including, anxiety, depression, positive thinking and guilt. I have to say that a lot of the article is spot on. Guilt was one feeling I had and still have a lot but not something I would have expected.


This is one of the first emotions discussed in the article. For most people when they are first diagnosed they are given options. You get to help decide what treatments you will have, what hospital you will go to, when you will start etc...This is a lot of pressure and you don't have all the time in the world to make these decisions. How can you help but feel anxiety and stress. The article suggests you educate yourself on the type of cancer you have been diagnosed with, the types of treatments available and what hospitals and doctors available.

Personally I skipped this step. When I was diagnosed I was pretty far gone and there were no decisions left up to me. I was flown to Dana Farber Cancer Institute in Boston and they, along with my parents, decided which treatments were best. We got started right away as time was of the essence. One concern for me that did cause anxiety was wanting to harvest my eggs. However, the doctors informed me that because I had to start treatment there was no time for that. Therefore, I did not have to make those big decisions, weigh options and educate myself on my disease. I can imagine how difficult that must be.

This article also provides information on how to obtain all the tools you need to help during this first phase of anxiety. They tell you how to find reliable information online and discuss treatments with your doctors.

If you would like to read more about this article and ways to navigate through your cancer journy please CLICK HERE. I have linked this post to the Cure Website and to an amazing resource they have there.


Sandi said...

you do sound so much like me. I felt relief at diagnosis because I think I felt like people thought I was nuts all these years complaining about symptoms to whoever would listen. I also couldn't breathe very well. I was just glad to know. Then I felt I didn't know what to think. I also was faced with the pregnancy decision. I knew what I had to do and that's what I did but otherwise the treatment for me was pretty much set in stone. We knew what had to be done and I had great doctors really who helped me through it all. I am going to sign up for that magazine you mentioned.

Kelley with Amy's Angels said...

I am so happy that you're blogging again! : )

This was great!!

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