Can't they kill characters off with anything other than cancer???

Just a quick little post about something that ANNOYS the CRAP out of me!

Every TV show, movie, book and bar prep course hypothetical kills people off with cancer! What is the deal with that? People die of all sorts of things so why, when the ratings call for a tear jerker do they have to give the big C diagnosis??? Its starting to drive me crazy, literally. I think "OMG is this an omen? A message from God? Do I have cancer again!?!

Just off the top of my head the shows whose characters have cancer are:

1) Greys Anatomy (Izzy)
2) Ugly Betty (Daniels new Love Interest)
3) Desperate House Wives (Lynette)
4) Scrubs (at least one of the patients in every episode)
5) Lost (Ben)
6) Christopher from Nip/Tuck
7) The little girl on Private Practice tonight
8) Weeds (Celia)
9) Sex & The City (Samantha)

Those are just a couple, please feel free to add to my list. I swear every time someone is sick on a tv show I say to Bryan, "How much you wanna bet its cancer"

I feel better already!


Ritch in Love said...

I agree 100%. At least the show HOUSE gets more creative...though the C word is always in every episode.

Sandi said...

Add Nip Tuck. The huge story line is Christian (one of the main male surgeons) has breast cancer. They go through him getting implants, given 6 months to live. Then they call back and say woops we mixed up your results with someone else's. =/ I watch that show and I do think the fact that men get breast cancer is not well known but you are's on every show.

Sandi said...

oh and I should add, Lynette had Hodgkin's Disease. I never watched it much but ALL my friends told me about it.

Chic Runner said...

I so agree! I find it so sad that they have to do that, It always makes me cry, and it hard to watch, because it touches so close to home. Whatever happen to hitting people with buses?

Halftime Lessons said...

Hear hear, girl...

Maybe if we pretend we don't care, it'll go away.


Maybe at the very least the networks will pick something sexier, like gonorrhea.

Preston said...

Cancer is still a scary thing so I guess the writer's think it will draw people in. They need to get more creative.

Jenn M said...

Yep its freaking annoying.

I realize lots of diseases are scary and maybe its the scary known thing of cancer but seriously it drives me crazy.

Kelley with Amy's Angels said...

Oh my word...I never noticed that!

Anonymous said...

Awareness is awareness... we should take it where we can get it.

Meaghan said...

I agree that the awareness part is good. However, personally it makes it difficult for me to watch tv and enjoy myself. My daily life is full of my battle with cancer and when I go to watch my favorite tv shows its a downer that each and everyone has to be talking about the one thing I am trying to get away from...CANCER!

Grand Pooba said...

I know! It has become the catch all for any tv tragic diseases.

clairesmom said...

Having cancer myself makes you more aware of all of that crap. I notice more shampoo and hair product ads now that I dont have hair!

Yolanda said...

i have nothing much nice to say about the actress who plays izzie after her comment about not being given enough material to have warranted an emmy nod.

i didn't think about the cancer dx until you pointed it out. it must be tough.

i, however, have hope that they will cure izzy and she'll make her life somewhere else. like mars.

Tara said...

I agree! I HATE that! >:( And I used to think that even *before* I got diagnosed!!

So that's why I only watch Star Trek where cancer can be cured with a swipe of Dr. Crusher's or Dr. McCoy's hyposprays and you only die from a phaser blast or xenopolysythemia ;).

Anonymous said...

I think they use cancer because it's the one thing in life that just about each and every person has been touched by. Either by a friend, relative, co-worker...I feel safe in saying there's not 1 person alive who hasn't been touched by this disease in some way/shape/form.

Although it would be nice for the story line to be about them stubbing a toe too. I mean, we've ALL done that at least once in our lives!

Anonymous said...

I take back my last comment. I haven't watched Grey's for a few weeks. HOwever, upon hearing the story sucks. The writers need another Loooooong break to write something worth watching. I'm off to watch CBS instead.

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