My Very First Cancer Walk

Today I participated in my very first Cancer Walk, Making Strides Against Breast Cancer. I had a fabulous time! There were so many men and women there supporting a great cause. I wish there was something like that for Cervical Cancer! I know that just as many men and woman would show up because Cervical Cancer is something that affects us all.

I had never been to a cancer walk before. For those of you who haven't either let me tell you how cool it was. There was the walk but there was so much more! I got a full body massage, FAN-FRICKING-TASTIC! They had SPA giveaways, tons of fresh fruit, Cancer Survivor T-Shirts...All sorts of cool stuff.

I met tons of amazing women and we all swapped our courageous story. It was a very moving experience for me. To be honest it was a little difficult too. It was a little bit of a slap in my face saying -"YOU HAD CANCER" Obviously I know I had cancer but sometimes the reality of it really hits me. Its a strange feeling, hard to explain, but im sure im not the only one.

If you haven't participated in a cancer walk you must! Its so much more inspirational, fun and educational that I thought....I'll put pics up as soon as I figure out my new phone :)

Also...Be sure to enter into our COFFEE GIVEAWAY! We will be drawing a new winner every Friday! If you don't drink coffee there are herbal and chai teas as well.

If you have a cancer story and want a chance to get $$ for the charity of your choice for an entire year go to our GTB Fights Cancer Blog

We have new buttons for both sites so please add them onto your blog :)

As always thanks for all the support!


sassy stephanie said...

Good for you! I'm glad to see you braved it. Here is a good response for next time: "yes, I had cancer, but cancer didn't have ME!".

AngiDe said...

Very cool!
You need to check out the local "Relay for Life." Now, that is a great cancer event! I have done it for 4 years now, and my lil' girl did her first one when she was 8 months old!
It is so inspiring, uplifting, and all sorts of other feelings.

You definitely need to do one!


Diane said...

Fabulous! I can feel your positive energy from reading about your first cancer walk. Cheers to you!
My mom was a breast cancer survivor for 28 years. I love your description of the spa treatment too! You go girl! I'll be checking back!

Anonymous said...

You are so awesome Meaghan.

It's funny the reaction I feel within myself when I'm around a lot of survivors, is, "Wow, there are so many of us!"

Sad, but true.

But on the other many more are kicking you...and me!

Thanks for your kind comments on my blog. :)

Anonymous said...

I really should reread before hitting send!


Sorry for the typos! And missed words!

tiarastantrums said...

congrats - good for you!

Michelle said...

Congratulations for completing your first cancer walk! Yeah!

Putting the FUN in DysFUNctional said...

Sounds like an awesome walk! Congrats to you.

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