47 MILLION PEOPLE WITHOUT HEALTH INSURANCE!! His mom died of ovarian cancer at age 53! Her concerns were very similar to mine, how to pay for her health care. My insurance company dropped me and so I deal with numerous calls a day from creditors looking for money. I can't work because of what happened to me, I have no insurance but I need medical care, prescriptions etc..."OUR COUNTRY IS BETTER THAN THIS"


Anonymous said...

yes we can!

Anonymous said...

you are awesome. thank you for contacting us on myspace and for sharing your experience with others.
you are so right in that we all deserve access to universal health care. i'm hopeful that this next election will allow this to happen. together, we can make a difference.

Anonymous said...

I was sent this video via email. It disgusts me that U.S. citizens, who go to work every day and pay their taxes, can't get medical coverage. Yet, illegal aliens are draining our system of the very funds set aside for us. I fully support immigration, but only when it's done properly.


Judy said...

I watched my father bleed to death in my parents' living room due to lack of coverage. Health insurance and better treatment may not have saved his life, but it certainly would have extended it. He had cancer, but it was not the cancer, directly, that killed him. The cancer was untreatable, but the wound - a result of radiation that saved his life 40 years prior - was, though the treatment was very costly.

It infuriates me that prisoners, convicted child molesters and murderers, get medical care but honest, hard-working citizens don't if they can't afford it. A child born with a "birth defect" can be ineligible for care due to no fault of their own.

Thank you for this blog, and thank you for spreading the message. Together we can make a difference.

Anonymous said...

as a GERMAN i can say i REALLY hope he'll make it and CHANGE ur system when it comes to health insurance!
to be honest, this is my #1 reason why i wouldnt move to the US..although i'd love to!

i can only compare your system with the german one and honestly, germany might not have everything the right way but when it comes to health insurance EVERYBODY is covered!!! no matter if you have a job or not...!
we DON'T have to pay houndreds of Euro for visiting our doc and let him/her fix something..
i can only try and explain some things ova here...
i can chose my insurance ..then i pay money to them every month with my salary. u can chose every doc u want to ova here.
when it comes to medication:
i have a few examples for ya - >
easiest one: asprin ..its way cheaper in the US then in Germany.
the HPV vacination..is way cheaper in the US..ova here you have to pay 675 $ /450 euro for these 3 shots..only girls between 9-17 are covered.
but when it comes to doctors and hospitals..having surgeries...
i had to LOTS of appointment with my gyn in this year when my pap went bad..and i had 2 conisation biopsies and didn't pay a dollar for it cuz my health insurance covered all that.

like he said in this video, i cant understand why one of the richest countries in the world doesnt have health insurance that covers EVERYBODY either...

i really do hope for all of ya that he'll make it. and of course will do all that what he was speaking about...unfortunatly he wont be the only one who can decide everything..but i am pretty sure he will at least try the hardest!!!!!