My Brave Friend James on Miami Ink

My last post was about my Miami Ink Tattoo. As I said in my post I will write more about the entire experience in a later post because it was a life altering one. I was lucky enough to be scheduled to film at the same time as a man named James Smith. We spent many hours in the Green Room during our day of filming. I got to know him pretty well and he became a very close friend of mine. Please watch Jame's Miami clip and hear his story.


Anonymous said...

What a tragedy. My thoughts and prayers go out to James. I love that they showed a photo of the butterfly release. Such a beautiful idea.

Jeff said...

WoW, I am sitting here at work balling my eyes out. Cancer really sucks. It ruins so many peoples dreams!

Anonymous said...

That was very moving. I'm interested to see the episode when you get your tatoo. Do you know when it will air?

Meaghan said...

It already did, season 6 episode 2. Jame's friend was able to take the episode and clip all his parts together and then posted it on Youtube, I have no idea how to do that and none of my friends do either :( So you can download it for 1.99 on Itunes but other than that I have no idea.


Anonymous said...

I am in tears, I cannot imagine the emotional torment that man went through! Thanks for sharing this clip!

Anonymous said...

That is soooo sad. I'm so sorry for your loss, James.

Anonymous said...

i am in tears. what a beautiful tribute to love and life. i hope james finds solace. i'm so happy to have been able to hear his story.
thanks for posting this.


Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing this story in here..i didnt see it on tv ova here in Germany....and honestly, i am sitting here and tears are running down my cheeks...
keep ur spirits up, james, please!!!
*HUGS* to ya from Germany

Anonymous said...

That is the most beautiful memorial tatoo I have ever seen. I feel so bad for James. My thoughts and prayers go out to him. I too lost my husband, his mother and his sister all within four years to Lung Cancer. My one and only son had a memorial tattoo for his dad and someday I will get one.

Avery Tales said...

What a beautiful story.

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Anonymous said...

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