Can You Help in the Fight Against Cancer? Bid Now!

This is a very Important post! Please read and pass along to everyone you know.

The picture you see above was created by one of our Spirit Jumpers in an effort to lift the spirits of a young child batting terminal cancer. Now she continues to help the fight against cancer by auctioning the painting off and donating ALL proceeds.

I asked the artist to tell you, in her own words, how she came to create this beautiful painting and why she is auctioning it.

Basically, I was doing the spirit jump for Sammie (handmade soap with a dolphin bath toy swimming in it!) and thought it would be nice to send a card to Sammie’s mum too. I decided to paint a nice relaxing sunset scene for her (I paint with beeswax) and I made a print of the painting for her, to put into a card. I thought it would be great to be able to raise some money for charity by auctioning off the original painting!! After some careful thought, I decided to donate the proceeds to the Anthony Pilcher Bone Cancer Trust based here in the UK. I chose that Trust because of the similarity with Sammie’s own battle with bone cancer – Anthony Pilcher was diagnosed at 14 and passed away aged only 15.

The Ebay auction is running for 10 days to bid please click HERE

I am taken aback by the generosity here and I truly hope that everyone considers bidding and forwarding this on to friends and family!


Nora said...
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Nora said...

I made the first bid on Ebay for this awesome painting! I sure hope we have more bidders. If I am lucky to win this I will buy it and have her list it again! Maybe we can make some money...come on and BID!