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My blog has been chosen as the Featured blog in the Blogging Communit GLC Zone. GLC stands for Grow Learn Change and there are a bunch of wonderful blogs there, check it out.

For those of you who are visiting me from the GLC Zone, WELCOME! This is my place to document my journey through Advanced Cervical Cancer, to bring awareness to the terrible disease called Cervical Cancer and others through their cancer journeys. I have lots of posts, 105 to be exact, so I thought I would provide a link to some of my favorite posts for you to read through.

  1. The Beginning: this post is about my misdiagnosis and struggle trying to get help.
  2. Finally I go to the Emergency Room: this post is about my actual cancer diagnosis.
  3. Getting To Massachusetts: this post discusses my difficult journey to Dana Farber Cancer Institute.
  4. Hope The Scariest Word in the Dictionary: this post deals with my face of with death.
  5. Back To School: a post about returning to school after fighting cancer.
  6. The Subject of Having Children: this post talks about how I deal with cancer stealing my ability to have children of my own.
  7. Pee Bags, a New Look: this one speaks for itself
  8. Supporting Someone Through Cancer: My dear friend wrote this post and it was so great I re-posted it!
  9. My Very First Tattoo: This post is about my Radiation Tattoo's
  10. Miami Ink Tattoo: This post is about my debut on the Television show Miami Ink
  11. Battle Wounds: This post is about the emotional and inner scars cancer leaves you with.
There are many many many more posts but those are some of my favorites.

I also want to take this opportunity to tell you about my other blogs, Get The Bean and GTB Fight Cancer My boyfriend and I decided to start an online coffee shop and use that to raise money to fight cancer. Please stop by and see how you can drink coffee and help me fight ALL cancer!


Sandra said...

Just read these posts. I am at a loss for words. You are one special young lady, Meaghan. I so admire you for what you went through and ALSO for your commitment to save others from the same struggles that you had. Have a great week!! What kind of law do you want to practice??

Bryan said...

Soooooo proud of you! You must have a great boyfriend to help you out!!!

University of Iowa Meg said...

Hey! I left you an award on my blog! Check it out :)

AngiDe said...

Meaghan, I had no idea about a lot of your story! I read through some of those posts that you list... and just about bawled my eyes out when reading your "child" post. Some lucky little boy or girl is going to be able to call you Mama someday!

Also, I LOVE Miami Ink! I can't believe that you were on there! That is amazing! and so fun! Love the tattoo, very nice!

Thanks for sharing! Your story continues to inspire me every day!

Loves!!! xoxox

"Nana's Box"